About Me

My full name is Maria-Rosario, but I go by the name Rosario.

I’m an ESL teacher based in Auckland, New Zealand. I’ve been teaching here for two years after receiving my CELTA training in Krakow, Poland in 2011. Prior to that, I was travelling around Asia and Europe.

Teyssieu, France 2011

Teyssieu, France 2011

My first experience of ELT was in South Korea as an EFL teacher. I absolutely loved my experience of working and living there, with all its ups and downs that one year quickly became almost four.

My formal training was in the field of Visual Arts. I think of my teaching as an arts practice in a way. Thanks to Sir Ken Robinson, this philosophy has been given validation.

Source: Learning-reimagined.com/sir-ken-robinson-the-art-of-teaching 2014

Source: Learning-reimagined.com/sir-ken-robinson-the-art-of-teaching 2014

I love my job and I wish to use this site as a platform to share my resources, activities and insights into the world of English Language Teaching in New Zealand.

I’m looking forward to the conversation.



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